Support Services


Field, Franchise and Dealer Programs

We can provide media support at all field levels, from regional management to individual franchisees. We communicate frequently with the field before, during and after promotions, giving us a real-world look at what works and what needs further optimization. We maintain a creative library for franchisees, and can implement and adjust programs and even bill them at an individual level if requested.


We don’t just talk about maximizing media return, we prove it. Key performance indicators are analyzed against client objectives with every project. Metrics like cost per coupon, redemption percentages, and comparative sales lift are scrutinized and adjusted to ensure better return.

Custom Client Accounting Solutions

In terms of getting the most from media dollars, we believe that accounting is almost as important as planning and buying. We customize and consolidate billing to meet client needs and simplify the process. GMG’s systems of tracking spend against budget, vendor and insertion order reconciliation and final billing are accurate and straightforward.



Our commitment to extending your media dollars includes production. We secure competitive quotes at the local, national and international level, while coordinating regional and local printing needs for cost efficiencies.

Graphic Services

We are not a design studio, but we can offer certain graphic capabilities, including graphic layout, new format ideas, re-purposing of existing campaign creative and typesetting. We pride ourselves on keeping the prices competitive and the turnaround fast.