Planning. Buying. Results.

Planning. Buying. Results.

Every campaign is started with a clear vision of objectives. Our planning team applies years of experience along with research, empirical and trend data to create actionable media plans. These plans incorporate effective media mix strategies to reach our clients’ goals. With over 20 years of vendor relationships we strive to work with best-in-class partners to bring efficiency, customer service and quality to our clients. GMG’s goal in any project is to deliver maximum return through precise buying and negotiating tactics, insuring the best possible rates. More information on our specific services is listed below.

Media Services


GMG’s team of print marketing specialists plan and buy across the full spectrum of print media channels. With custom software, account strategists use a combination of demographics, psychographics and lifestyle variables to define the best media areas and vehicles while developing a clear and accurate customer profile.



The digital landscape is constantly evolving and shifting. As a growing part of the media arsenal, it is important to GMG to utilize the proper digital media channels to achieve our clients’ marketing objectives. Whether it be display/pre-roll advertising on desktop and mobile channels, social media platforms or SEM, it is integral that all campaigns are curated, bought and optimized to insure campaign performance. GMG’s full-service campaign management means customized campaign set-up, data-driven optimizations and custom reporting and insights.


Broadcast media provides more reach and frequency than any other media. The investment, the strategy, the execution and the analytics are all streamlined by GMG’s expertise and valued partnerships.


A key medium for connecting brands with transient consumers, our vast offering of Out-of-Home placement means our clients’ messages can reach a large audience but remain locally focused. Producing impactful creative can cut through clutter and deliver maximum impact and positive results.